ERG is a full member of EUROCAM

EUROCAM, founded in 2009, is the European foundation of patient, physician, veterinary and practitioner organizations in the field of traditional, complementary and integrative medicine, covering a wide range of modalities including acupuncture, ayurveda, anthroposophy, herbal medicine, homeopathy, naturopathy, osteopathy, reiki and traditional Chinese medicine.


  • That the optimal health of citizens is largely achieved by encouraging and enabling citizens to take responsibility for maintaining their own health, while recognizing freedom of choice in selecting appropriate treatment from a variety of health care options, including CAM.
  • Citizens must have access to reliable information about safe and effective health care, including relevant CAM options.
  • A holistic approach to citizen health maintenance and care that takes into account the psycho-spiritual, bodily, and social needs of each individual.
    – An approach to health based on the principle of oneness of health, where the physical and mental health of the animals we live with and depend on for food is as important and significant as that of humans.
  • The best of conventional and complementary and alternative medicine must be integrated into health care programs for the benefit of European citizens who are free to make an informed choice about the treatment they need, so that there is no dichotomy in the provision of excellent health care.
  • CAM must be available, accessible and affordable at national and European level.


  • To highlight the scope and potential of complementary and alternative medicine to politicians and policy makers to ensure that complementary and alternative medicine is fully taken into account in policy making.
  • Establish the added value of CAM to health policies and programs.
  • Demonstrate the value of patient-centered, cost-effective treatments through CAM.
  • Promote CAM as an integral part of integrative medicine and health care.


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