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Reiki Association Circle is one of the oldest and with more than 500 members one of the largest interest groups for Reiki Masters and Reiki practitioners in the Netherlands.
Although the association focuses on Reiki Masters and Reiki trainers, anyone who has followed at least a Reiki 1 course can become a member of the Circle.
The Association focuses on maintaining the Traditional Reiki Usui System of Natural Healing and is very active in promoting and guaranteeing the quality of training.


Goals and projects

The importance of a good education

Within the Netherlands, more and more freedom has arisen in training, which shows that there are major differences in quality.
Where in the past it was checked per student whether he had gained sufficient experience to teach, nowadays even students without any treatment experience can become a Reiki Master. As a result, the amount of knowledge that is passed on is becoming less and less, which means that the name of Reiki is at stake.
In addition, it is increasingly difficult for aspiring students to find a Reiki Master who is well trained, has a lot of experience and therefore also teaches well.
In order to better guarantee quality, the Circle Association is currently actively working on creating a register of ‘Recommended Trainers’ and will present it on this site at a later date. This group of trainers guarantees that their courses meet the requirements and thus gives a guarantee to all students.
In order to uphold the name of Reiki and to guarantee the best possible knowledge, the Association believes it is important to draw up clear guidelines and to encourage all members to keep the quality high.


If your education/courses meet the following quality requirements, you can apply for the Declaration:
* High-quality knowledge transfer is ensured during the
*All initiations are given physically and on location at every degree
*The purpose of the Reiki courses 1, 2, 3, 3a and 3b is explained with attention to the individual path of each student, always appropriate to the level of the course.
*During the Reiki 1 course, a minimum of 3 hours is practiced to be able to give a full self-treatment, a table treatment and a chair treatment.
* During the Reiki 2 course, a minimum of 3 hours is practiced to get to know the individual symbols and to be able to work with them.
*Between the different degrees, it is checked whether a student has demonstrable practical experience to continue with the next degree.
* Attention is paid to the origin of Reiki and the 5 Reiki principles
* The functioning of energy and the emergence of blockages is explained
* Attention is paid to the ethical side of Reiki, respecting professional secrecy, not making diagnoses and not interfering in medical advice.
* All students are treated with integrity and in a safe environment.
* There is sufficient time, individual attention and guidance for each student
*Written teaching material is available, possibility for taking notes and/or advice on suitable literature
* Even after the course has been followed, there is still the possibility to contact us for any feedback


Reiki Vereniging Cirkel, Ganzert 28, 4024 BS, Eck en Wiel, Netherlands

Phone number: 0031622451998

Mail address:


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Representatives to ERG

1st representant: Nico Michielsen (Président/ Chairman)

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