La Fédération de Reiki Usui – LFRU (En)

Organisation type

It is constituted as a non-profit association under the law of 1901. It is composed of individual professional or voluntary members, Teachers, Practitioners or supporting members.


The USUI Reiki Federation – “La Fédération de Reiki USUI, LFRU” was initially created in 2003 under the acronym FFRU (Fédération Francophone du Reiki Usui). This was followed by a merger/absorption with the LFDR (La Fédération de Reiki) in 2016 to serve common goals such as professional recognition.

Goals and projects

It is intended for people initiated to USUI Reiki in the presence of a Master practitioner-teacher and whose lineage goes back to Mikao USUI. In 2020, we welcome about 300 members from all French-speaking countries. The rules of practice are defined according to three training approaches.

The goal is to explain what USUI Reiki is and its benefits through its practice. We propose rules for practice and teaching in the respect of the values of Reiki USUI, which places benevolence, a practice in all humility, at the center. Particular attention is given to the protection of the users by preserving the discipline from any deviation that could lead to confusion. For this reason, each membership file is examined directly by our Commission of territorial delegates, who also probe the communication of the members in order to avoid any deviation of vocabulary and mixtures of “genres”.  The Board of Directors supervises this work.

Our Board of Directors team regularly updates the statutes, internal regulations and codes of ethics of the various membership statutes in order to remain in harmony with the ethics and laws relating to the professional practice of master teachers and practitioners.

The objective of the LFRU is also to make known, to promote Reiki USUI to the public opinion, the media and the authorities of our country. We are participants in the European Reiki Group and we are moving towards the establishment of a common “quality assurance”. It is through the quality of practice and professional education that we wish to make Reiki known and recognized.


Members are people who have been initiated to USUI Reiki and who meet the membership rules of the federation.  Professionals must certify their affiliation to USUI and have been trained and train in turn with the presence of teacher. They present their legal status as well as their professional liability insurance.


La Fédération de Reiki Usui – LFRU
30 rue des fleurs
69500 ​​BRON – FRANCE

International Phone number:
+ 33782 27 93 23

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Commitment to ERG

The LFRU supports ERG in its research on practice recognition at the European level. As quality assurance is also one of our priorities, we wish to move forward in harmony with the Reiki groups and federations of Europe to define it and advise most practitioners to get closer to it.

Representatives to ERG

1st representant: Gilbert Palabaud

2nd representant: Christophe Delabaere


Rules & regulation

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